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Welcome to the home page of Albert Cohen. Address: Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Université Pierre et Marie Curie 4, Place Jussieu 75005 Paris, France Phone: (33)(1)44277195 Fax: (33)(1)44277195 email :
Notes du cours de R. DeVore Foundations of compressed sensing Capturing functions in high dimensions Capturing functions in infinite dimensions
BOOK Numerical Analysis of Wavelet Methods published by Elsevier, 2003, ISBN: 0-444-51124-5.
I. RELATED WEB SITES Graduate studies in mathematical modeling: Master Mathématiques de la Modélisation
II. SHORT CURRICULUM VITAE AND LIST OF PUBLICATION Abridged curriculum vitae Complete list of publications
III. AVAILABLE PREPRINTS The following preprints are available in .pdf or compressed (.ps.gz or .pdf.gz) format (for the complete list of my publications see below): Matrix subdivision schemes (with N.Dyn and D.Levin) Multiscale methods on bounded domains (with R.DeVore and W.Dahmen) Multiscale methods in image processing A fast and accurate multiscale scheme for parabolic equations (with A.Averbuch and M.Israeli) Adaptive wavelet methods for elliptic operator equations - Convergence rates (with R.DeVore and W.Dahmen) On the importance of combining wavelet-based non-linear approximation with coding strategies (with I.Daubechies, O.Gulieruz and M.Orchard) Tree approximation and encoding (with W.Dahmen, I.Daubechies and R.DeVore) Maximal spaces with given rate of convergence for thresholding algorithms (with R.DeVore, G.Kerkyacharian and D.Picard) Applied and computational aspects of nonlinear wavelet approximation Fully adaptive multiresolution schemes for conservation laws (with S.M. Kaber, S. Mueller and M. Postel) Finite element wavelets (with L.-M. Echeverry and Q. Sun) Harmonic analysis of the space BV (with W. Dahmen, I. Daubechies and R. DeVore) Multiresolution analysis on triangles: application to conservation laws (with S.M. Kaber and M. Postel) Adaptive Wavelet Schemes for Elliptic Problems - Implementation and Numerical Experiments (with A. Barinka, T. Barsch, P. Charton, S. Dahlke, W. Dahmen and K. Urban) Adaptive Wavelet Methods II -- Beyond the Elliptic Case (with W. Dahmen and R. DeVore) Tensor Product Multiresolution Analysis with Error Control for Compact Image Representations (with S. Amat, P. Arandiga and R. Donat) Data Compression with ENO Schemes - a case study (with S. Amat, P. Arandiga, R. Donat, G. Garcia and M. Von Oehsen) Quasilinear subdivision schemes with application to ENO interpolation (with N. Dyn and B. Matei) Compact representations of images by edge adapted multiscale transforms (with B. Matei) Multiscale adaptive processing for evolution equations Adaptive methods for PDEs - Wavelets or mesh refinement ? Adaptive wavelet techniques in numerical simulation (with W. Dahmen and R. DeVore) Universal algorithms in learning theory (with P.Binev, W.Dahmen, R.DeVore and V.Temlyakov) Approximation and learning by greedy algorithms (with A.Barron, W.Dahmen and R.DeVore) Compressed sensing and best k-term approximation (with W.Dahmen and R.DeVore) Approximation and compression of scattered data by meshless multiscale decompositions (with R.Baraniuk and R.Wagner) Multiresolution approximation based on anisotropic triangulations (with N.Dyn, F.Hecht and J.M.Mirebeau) Greedy bisection generates optimally adapted triangulations (with J.M.Mirebeau) Anisotropic smoothness classes: from finite element approximation to image models (with J.M.Mirebeau) Refined Sobolev inequalities in Lorentz spaces (with H. Bahouri) Nonlinear approximation of stochatic PDEs (with R.DeVore and C.Schwab) Analytic regularity and polynomial approximation of parametric and stochastic elliptic PDEs (with R.DeVore and C.Schwab) Convergence rate for greedy algorithms in reduced basis methods (with P. Binev, W. Dahmen R. DeVore, G. Petrova, and P. Wojtaszczyk)
IV. HOBBIES I enjoy scuba-diving and skiing, they have something to do with one another although I cannot define it exactly. I also play jazz (tenor saxophone) together with three friends of mine. Mostly classic stuff: standards, bebop... My favorite musicians are Sonny Rollins, Art Pepper, Dexter Gordon and Ben Webster.