Bruno Després

Professor at the Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory

Tower 15-25, third floor, office 17

University PARIS 6, UPMC
4 place Jussieu, Paris IV, 75015, Paris

  • CURRICULUM VITÆ (2010) pdf .
    Bruno Després Lab. JLL University Paris VI

  • My principal fields of interest come from the mathematical analysis and numerical solution of Partial Differential Equations from the mathematical physics (wave equations, compressible fluids) with application mainly to various problems of interest arising in Plasma Physics (ICF-Inertial Confinement Fusion and MCF-Magnetic Confinement Fusion).
    Groupe de travail
  • Stablité et interaction avec les bords pour les plasmas de fusion

  • Grants
  • Onuplafu (2010-2013) funded by UPMC: a summary . It deals with the reflectometry in fusion plasmas.
  • Chrome (2012-2016) funded by ANR: Waves in plasmas for heating and reflectometry. Web page of the project is HERE .
  • Advanced modeling of plasma fusion by FRFCM, 2011 and 2012.
  • Participation to the AEN Fusion founded by INRIA. See the EMAFF project about the numerical simulation of Reduced resistive MHD models.

  • July 2010: Advanced methods for the diffusion equation on general meshes, site, participation and slides of the presentations .
  • August 2011: Fusion School, site, participation and slides of the presentations .
  • December 2011: CFCAM Meeting, site .
  • 2013. High-Resolution Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Involution-Constrained PDEs, Oberwolfach Workshop, HERE .

    Recent 2013/2014 papers or preprints

  • Unconditionally stable numerical simulations of a new generalized reduced resistive magnetohydrodynamics model, Shiva Kumar Malapaka, B.D. et Rémy Sart, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, February 2014 .

  • Non linear finite volume schemes for the heat equation in 1D, B.D., M2AN 2014.

  • Proof of uniform convergence for a cell-centered AP discretization of the hyperbolic heat equation on general meshes, Buet, D., Franck, Leroy, HAL 2014.

  • Coupling strategies for compressible - low Mach number flows, Yohan Penel, Stéphane Dellacherie, B.D., HAL 2014.

  • A one-mesh method for the cell-centered discretization of slide lines, Guillaume Clair, B.D., Emmanuel Labourasse, CMAME 2014.

  • A generalized plane-wave numerical method for smooth nonconstant coefficients, Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard, IMA online 2013.


  • Derivation of hierarchies of reduced MHD models in Tokama geometry, B.D. et Rémy Sart HAL preprint.

  • Hybrid resonance of Maxwell's equations in slab geometry, B.D., L.M. Imbert-Gérard and R. Weder, in JMPA, online.

  • Cours 2013-2014