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[   ]Allan B.G., Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes simulation of a 2d circulation control wind tunnel experiment.pdf27-Nov-2012 17:08 2.2M 
[   ]Allievi A., Bermejo R., Finite element modified method of characteristics for the Navier-Stokes equations.pdf04-Nov-2013 14:43 397K 
[   ]Armaly B.F., Experimental and theoretical investigation of backward facing step flow.pdf18-Sep-2012 10:43 3.0M 
[   ]Arnold D.N., A stable finite element for the Stokes equations.pdf14-Jan-2012 11:24 289K 
[   ]Bank R.E., A posteriori error estimates for the Stokes equations, a comparison.pdf02-Mar-2010 10:19 1.2M 
[   ]Bansch E., An adaptive Uzawa FEM for the Stokes problem, convergence without the inf-sup condition.pdf19-May-2011 12:43 2.8M 
[   ]Becker R., Hansbo P., A simple pressure stabilization method for the Stokes equation.pdf17-Jun-2010 00:20 119K 
[   ]Behr M., On the application of slip boundary condition on curved boundaries.pdf11-Jul-2008 21:15 524K 
[   ]Bell J.B., Marcus D.L., A second order projection method for variable density flows.pdf17-Jul-2013 14:19 1.1M 
[   ]Benzi M., Analysis of augmented lagrangian-based preconditioners for the steady incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.pdf05-Jul-2011 08:28 284K 
[   ]Benzi M., An efficient solver for the incompressible Navier Stokes equations in rotation form.pdf27-Sep-2011 17:41 448K 
[   ]Benzi M., Modified augmented Lagrangian preconditioners for the incompressible Navier–Stokes equations.pdf05-Jul-2011 09:13 1.8M 
[   ]Benzi M., Robust approximate inverse preconditioning for the conjugate gradient method.pdf04-Mar-2012 09:34 221K 
[   ]Bernardi C., More pressure in the finite element discretization of the Stokes problem.pdf23-Mar-2008 16:04 292K 
[   ]Bernardi Ch., Choix du parametre de penalisation pour la discretisation par EF des equations de Navier-Stokes.pdf04-Aug-2012 10:09 175K 
[   ]Bochev P.B., Stabilization of low order mixed finite elements for the Stokes equations.pdf16-Feb-2012 14:53 304K 
[   ]Boukir K., Maday Y., A high-order characteristics finite element method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.pdf25-Jan-2012 19:19 1.7M 
[   ]Braack M., A stabilized FE scheme for the Navier Stokes equations on quadrilateral meshes.pdf10-Feb-2009 19:53 636K 
[   ]Brackbill J.U., A continuum method for modeling surface tension.pdf16-Apr-2009 14:30 4.3M 
[   ]Bristeaux M.O., Numerical methods for the Navier Stokes equations. Applications to the simulation of compressible and incompressible viscous flows.pdf05-Feb-2011 12:14 8.3M 
[   ]Brown D.L., Accurate projection methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.pdf19-Apr-2012 08:19 281K 
[   ]Bruneau C.H., An efficient scheme for solving steady incompressible Navier Stokes equations.pdf27-Sep-2011 17:44 1.3M 
[   ]Burman E., Galerkin finite element methods with symmetric pressure stabilization.pdf31-Jan-2008 13:05 573K 
[   ]Cahouet J., ChabardJ.P., Some fast 3d finite elementsolvers for the generalized Stokes problem.pdf23-Jul-2012 15:23 2.6M 
[   ]Calgaro C., Creuse E., Goudon T., An hybrid finite volume-finite element method for variable density incompressible flows.pdf17-Jul-2013 10:48 945K 
[   ]Chen J., On pressure stabilization method and projection method for unsteady Navier-Stokes equations.pdf09-Nov-2011 16:32 140K 
[   ]Cheng X., Efficient Uzawa algorithms for two phase Stefan type problem.pdf19-May-2011 12:52 152K 
[   ]Cheng X., Efficient Uzawa algorithms fot two-phase Stefan type problems.pdf06-Jan-2014 20:54 186K 
[   ]Demkowicz L., A note on symmetry boundary conditions in finite element methods.pdf17-Jul-2013 19:06 247K 
[   ]Dollar H.S., Incomplete factorization constraint preconitionners for sadle-point matrices.pdf06-Mar-2009 11:12 159K 
[   ]Elman H.C., Inexact and preconditioned Uzawa algorithms for saddle point problems.pdf19-May-2011 12:54 1.7M 
[   ]Ethier C.R., Steinman D.A., Exact fully 3d Navier-Stokes solutions for benchmarking.pdf14-May-2013 10:44 348K 
[   ]Fernandez M.A., Numerical simulation of blood flows through a porous interface.pdf24-Apr-2008 16:54 1.2M 
[   ]Formaggia L., Anisotropic mesh adaptation in computational fluid dynamics.pdf25-Sep-2008 07:53 2.5M 
[   ]Fourestey G., Une methode des caracteristiques d'ordre 2 sur maillages mobiles.pdf07-Sep-2011 17:31 922K 
[   ]Fraigneau Y., Guermond J.L., Quartapelle L., Approximation of variable density incompressible flows by means of finite elements and finite volumes.pdf17-Jul-2013 14:22 222K 
[   ]Furuichi M., Development of a Stokes flow solver robust to large viscosity jumps using a Schur complement approach with mixed precision arithmetic.pdf20-Jul-2012 16:40 962K 
[   ]Galusinski C., On stability condition for bifluid flows with surface tension- Application to microfluidics.pdf11-Mar-2009 13:46 2.6M 
[   ]Garbey M., A versatile incompressible Navier-Stokes solver for blood flow application.pdf31-Jan-2013 08:01 444K 
[   ]Garon A., Imposition of normal and-or tangential boundary conditions by an augmented Lagrangian technique.pdf19-Nov-2011 20:02 366K 
[   ]Ghia V., High-Resolutions for incompressible flow using the Navier-Stokes equations and a multi-grid method.pdf21-Jun-2011 10:51 1.3M 
[   ]Girault V., FE discretization of linearized 2d model.pdf15-Feb-2008 15:38 576K 
[   ]Girault V., Ont time step FE discretization of the equation of motion of two fluid flows.pdf11-Jul-2008 21:18 213K 
[   ]Griggs A.J., Low-Reynolds-number motion of a deformable drop between two parallel plane walls.pdf24-Sep-2009 21:08 2.1M 
[   ]Gross S., Finite element discretization error analysis of a surface tension force in two-phase incompressible flows.pdf26-Jul-2012 15:23 320K 
[   ]Guermond J.L., Quartapelle L., A projection FEM for variable density incompressible flows, JCP, 2000.pdf26-Jun-2013 13:26 173K 
[   ]Hachem E., Stabilized finite element method for incompressible flows with high Reynolds number.pdf06-Sep-2011 08:43 5.2M 
[   ]Hannukainen A., A unified framework for a posteriori error estimation for the Stokes problem.pdf11-Mar-2014 08:03 1.4M 
[   ]He X., On an augmented Lagrangian based preconditioning of Oseen type problems.pdf09-Jul-2011 09:21 473K 
[   ]Henshaw W.D., A fourth order accurate method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations on overlapping grids.pdf27-Oct-2012 11:26 772K 
[   ]Hughes T.J.R., Finite element analysis of incompressible viscous flows by the penalty function formulation.pdf21-Aug-2012 10:14 2.9M 
[   ]Hysing S., Mixed FEM level set method for numerical simulation of immiscible fluids.pdf10-Jan-2014 14:00 527K 
[   ]Jamet D., On the theory and computation of surface tension.pdf11-Mar-2009 13:49 179K 
[   ]Janela J., A penalization method for the simulation of fluid, rigid body interaction.pdf31-Jan-2008 00:17 482K 
[   ]Jarosch A.H., Icetools, a full Stokes finite element model for glaciers.pdf07-Feb-2011 08:11 398K 
[   ]Jia H., Characteristic stabilized finite element method for the transient Navier-Stokes equations.pdf04-Oct-2010 13:54 650K 
[   ]John V., A comparison of parallel solvers for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.pdf28-Nov-2012 13:50 95K 
[   ]Kanayama H., A stabilization technique for stationary flow problems.pdf16-Feb-2012 14:50 168K 
[   ]Kees C.E., A conservative level set method suitable for variable order approximations and unstructured meshes.pdf31-Mar-2011 10:21 2.1M 
[   ]Ketabdari M.J., A novel algorithm of advection procedure in volume of fluid method to model free surface flows.pdf04-Dec-2011 14:33 645K 
[   ]Khaled A.R.A., The effect of the slip condition on Stokes and Couette flows due to an oscillating wall, exact solutions.pdf31-Jan-2013 13:59 305K 
[   ]Kim J., A continuous surface tension force formulation for diffuse-interface models.pdf11-Mar-2009 13:50 2.6M 
[   ]KimJ., Application of a fractional step method to incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.pdf11-Sep-2012 19:44 897K 
[   ]Kim J., Lowengrub J., Interfaces and multicomponent fluids.pdf14-Jan-2011 13:09 3.1M 
[   ]Koko J., Uzawa conjugate gradient method for the Stokes problem.pdf12-Nov-2011 18:35 356K 
[   ]Korikache R., Methode d'elements finis mixtes.pdf07-Feb-2008 21:34 2.2M 
[   ]Kreuzer Ch., A convergent adaptive Uzawa finite element method for the nonlinear Stokes problem.pdf19-May-2011 11:34 936K 
[   ]Kreuzer Ch., Analysis of an adaptive Uzawa finite element algorithm for the nonlinear Stokes problem.pdf19-May-2011 12:41 1.5M 
[   ]Laminie J., Meier U., Solving Navier-Stokes equations on the Cedar multi cluster system.pdf25-Oct-2012 13:51 132K 
[   ]Langtangen H.P., Numerical methods for incompressible viscous flow.pdf27-Oct-2012 11:33 335K 
[   ]Laydi M.R., Une methode iterative totalement explicite pour la resolution du probleme de Stokes.pdf04-Nov-2011 13:39 256K 
[   ]Layton A.T., An efficient numerical method for the two-fluid Stokes equations with a moving immersed boundary.pdf20-Jan-2011 08:22 203K 
[   ]Le T.H., Pegase, a Navier-Stokes solver for direct numerical simulation of incompressible flows.pdf18-Sep-2012 10:46 371K 
[   ]Lentine M., A novel algorihm for incompressible flow usingonly a coarse grid projection.pdf08-Jul-2012 18:48 8.3M 
[   ]Liakos A., Discretization of the Navier-Stokes equations with slip boundary condition.pdf11-Jul-2008 22:17 291K 
[   ]Liakos A., Finite element approximation of viscoelastic fluid flow woth slip boundary condition.pdf11-Jul-2008 22:13 272K 
[DIR]Lid driven cavity/26-Oct-2013 08:48 -  
[   ]Liu W., A new improved Uzawa method for finite element solution of Stokes problem.pdf18-May-2011 10:08 135K 
[   ]Loghin D., Analysis of precondtionners for saddle-point problems.pdf06-Mar-2009 11:11 12M 
[   ]Manouzi R., Numerical simulations of the Navier Stokes problem with hyper dissipation.pdf10-Feb-2009 15:20 1.5M 
[   ]Marcotte J.Ph., Methodes iteratives pour la resolution par elements finis du probleme de Stokes.pdf16-Nov-2007 01:48 3.4M 
[   ]Matyka M., Solution to 2d incompressible Navier Stokes equations with Simple, simpler and vorticity stream function approaches.pdf16-Jun-2011 16:40 439K 
[   ]Maury B., Version continue de l'algorithme d'Uzawa.pdf13-May-2008 14:24 102K 
[   ]Medic G. Mohammadi B., NSIKE an incompressible Navier-Stokes solver for unstructured meshes.pdf12-May-2009 00:39 32M 
[   ]Menard T., Coupling level set VOF ghost fluid methods.pdf31-Mar-2011 10:23 1.3M 
[   ]Min C., Gibou F., A second order accurate projection method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations on non graded adaptive grids.pdf19-Apr-2012 08:20 2.6M 
[   ]Nielsen P.O., Discretizations in Isogeometric Analysis of Navier-Stokes Flow.pdf07-Jul-2011 08:04 1.6M 
[   ]Nochetto R., Optimal relaxation parameter for the Uzawa method.pdf19-May-2011 12:45 155K 
[   ]Onate E., The particle finite element method, an overview.pdf08-Jun-2011 13:49 5.4M 
[   ]Peskin C.S., Numerical analysis of blood flow in the heart.pdf16-Apr-2009 14:33 9.5M 
[   ]Pironneau O., Finite element characteristic methods requiring no quadrature.pdf21-Feb-2011 09:23 1.0M 
[   ]Pironneau O., The method of characteristics with gradients and integrals.pdf30-Jul-2008 02:48 68K 
[   ]Popinet S., A front-tracking algorithm for accurate representation of surface tension.pdf29-Apr-2011 13:42 323K 
[   ]Puckett E.G., A High-Order Projection Method for Tracking Fluid Interfaces in Variable Density Incompressible Flows.pdf03-Apr-2009 17:59 415K 
[   ]Rahman M.M., Numerical investigation of unsteady flow past a circular cylinder using 2d finite volume method.pdf11-May-2011 14:01 579K 
[   ]Renardy Y., Prost- a parabolic reconstruction of surface tension for the volume-of-fluid method.pdf11-Mar-2009 15:21 265K 
[   ]Ruas V., A symmetrized vector potential-vorticity formulation of the Stokes system.pdf29-Sep-2008 21:40 205K 
[   ]Schroeder C., Semi implicit surface tension formulation with a Lagrangian surface mesh on an Eulerian simulation grid, 2012.pdf13-Jan-2014 15:21 812K 
[   ]Segal G., A simple iterative linear solver for the 3d incompressible Navier-Stokes equations discretized by the finite element method.pdf23-Jul-2012 16:11 244K 
[   ]Shatalov A., Numerical solutions of incompressible Navier-Stokes equations using modified Bernouilli's law.pdf31-Jan-2013 08:03 418K 
[   ]Shepel S., On surface tension modelling using the level set method.pdf17-Jul-2008 17:52 593K 
[   ]Shin S., Accurate representation of surface tension using the level contour reconstruction method .pdf12-Mar-2009 00:19 1.4M 
[   ]Shopov P.J., Numerical solution of Stokes equations with pressure and filtration boundary conditions.pdf27-Jan-2011 10:25 599K 
[   ]Shyue K.M., An eulerian interface capturing approach for compressible two-phase flow with van der Waals type fluids.pdf18-Jan-2013 10:57 22M 
[   ]Stam J., Stable fluids.pdf24-Feb-2009 19:17 355K 
[   ]Stewart P.A., An improved sharp interface method for viscoelastic and viscous two phase flows.pdf28-Jul-2008 22:02 515K 
[   ]Stoll M., The Bramble-Pasciak preconditionnner for saddle point problems.pdf28-Nov-2008 16:02 219K 
[   ]Strain J., A fast modular semilagrangian method for moving interfaces.pdf24-Mar-2009 14:19 21M 
[   ]Tryggvason G., Numerical simulations of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability.pdf26-Jun-2013 13:46 1.8M 
[   ]Unverdi S.O., A front-tracking method for viscous incompressible multi fluid flows.pdf16-Apr-2009 14:32 4.9M 
[   ]Urquiza J., Weak imposition of the slip boundary condition on curved boudaries for Stokes flow.pdf08-Jan-2014 14:38 916K 
[   ]VanderZee K.G., Goal oriented error estimation for Stokes flow.pdf18-Mar-2008 17:59 115K 
[   ]Veneziani A., Flow rate defective boundary conditions in haemodynamics simulations.pdf17-Jul-2008 17:41 285K 
[   ]Wang K., Error correction method for Navier-Stokes equations at high Reynolds numbers.pdf08-Jan-2014 14:54 876K 
[   ]Wang Z-Q, Optimization of the parameterized Uzawa preconditioners for saddle point matrices.pdf19-May-2011 11:35 1.1M 
[   ]Waters L.K., The method of Glowinski and Pironneau for the unsteady Stokes problem.pdf29-Jul-2012 10:49 1.0M 
[   ]Zaleski S., Computation of multiphase flow by VOF and high-order front tracking methods.pdf27-Feb-2011 10:39 30M 
[   ]Zunic Z., 3D Lid driven cavity flow by mixed boundary and finite element method.pdf26-Oct-2012 13:55 404K 

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